General Assembly

Charter Schools in Kentucky
1:14 pm
Tue February 14, 2012

Charter School Supporters, Opponents Speak Out at Committee Hearing

After several years, a bill allowing charter schools in Kentucky has received a hearing in a House committee. Advocates for and against the measure spent Tuesday debating the merits of the education reform in the capitol. Charter school administrators from other states joined Rep. Brad Montell, the bill’s sponsor, and Kentucky Chamber of Commerce president Dave Adkission in support of the bill.

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8:30 am
Tue February 14, 2012

Kentucky Pharmacists Say Many Problems Still Remain with New State Medicaid System

Kentucky's Medicaid Managed Care Organizations say they have fixed a number of issues with reimbursements to pharmacists. CoventryCares, WellCare and Kentucky Spirit took over management of the state's Medicaid system last year. Since then, doctors and pharmacists have come forward to say the organizations are poorly managed and the reimbursements for care are too low.

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4:00 am
Mon February 13, 2012

Kentucky High Court Could Act on State Legislative Districts Soon

The battle over new state legislative districts may move to the Kentucky Supreme Court this week.At the direction of General Assembly leaders, the Legislative Research Commission this week will file an appeal to overturn an injunction against the district maps lawmakers approved last month. In it’s filing, the LRC will also argue that the new districts should be in effect for this year's elections.

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Expanded Gambling
3:11 pm
Thu February 9, 2012

Newly Formed Kentucky Group will Soon Begin Advertising Push for Expanded Gambling

A newly-formed coalition of businesses, unions and education groups have teamed up to get a constitutional amendment for gambling on the ballot in Kentucky.

The group is called the Kentucky Alliance for Jobs. It's a 501(c)(4), meaning it can raise money and advertise to support casino gaming.

The alliance is led by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. Chamber President Dave Adkisson says the coalition is large and diverse, and the members don't always get along.

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No Child Left Behind
3:06 pm
Thu February 9, 2012

Kentucky Superintendent Believes New State Reform Effort Much More Fair than NCLB

The Superintendent of Hardin County Schools says the No Child Left Behind waiver given to Kentucky will allow the state to better judge how students are progressing academically. Nannette Johnston told WKU Public Radio that the federal law was an overly simplistic “pass or fail” model. She believes the state’s new system will give schools credit for the success they have in helping individual students.

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8:18 am
Thu February 9, 2012

Kentucky Senate Approves Anti-Dropout Measure

A proposal to raise Kentucky’s dropout age to 18 years old has passed a major hurdle. The state Senate has approved a bill that allows individual school districts to decide whether to raise the dropout age and requires participating schools to have alternative education programs.

The bill passed overwhelming, 35-2 Wednesday, with two Democratic senators voting against because of the local option. Republican Senator Julie Denton also didn’t like the local option, but she voted in favor of the measure.

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3:57 pm
Wed February 8, 2012

Kentucky House Speaker: Forget About Congressional Redistricting this Session

Efforts to redraw Kentucky's U.S. House districts are dead in the General Assembly. State House Speaker Greg Stumbo made that declaration after the state Senate could not agree to the latest compromise on district maps.

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10:30 am
Tue February 7, 2012

Kentucky Ag Commissioner: New Pact Will Hurt State's Tobacco Farmers

Kentucky lawmakers are protesting a current trade agreement that they say would hurt tobacco.

The U.S. is currently negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, which includes countries like New Zealand, Peru and Vietnam. But the lawmakers say the proposal excludes tobacco protections.

At a news conference in Frankfort today, Democratic and Republican lawmakers urged President Barack Obama to add provisions for tobacco to the agreement.

Republican Agriculture Commissioner James Comer says including the crop will help Kentucky farmers.

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10:25 am
Tue February 7, 2012

Bill Would Save Kentucky Money on Uncontested Special Elections

Changes to Kentucky's special elections procedures could be imminent.

Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes is supporting a bill to reduce the number of polling places for uncontested special elections for legislative seats.

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Redistricting in Kentucky
8:26 am
Tue February 7, 2012

Kentucky Congressional Candidates in Limbo as they Await New Redistricting Maps

Kentucky lawmakers are struggling to finalize new Congressional districts.

Both chambers approved new maps of the districts last month and have been in a conference committee for weeks to work out the differences. Last week, legislative leaders thought they were close to an agreement that would leave the maps relatively unchanged, but no compromise was made.

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