Gordon Emslie


The WKU Herald reports that WKU Provost Gordon Emslie is a candidate for the same position at the University of Alabama.

Emslie previously worked at the University of Alabama-Hunstville. Emslie took the WKU Provost position July 1, 2010.

The Herald report says Emslie refused to comment about his candidacy, but WKU President Gary Ransdell told the paper Emslie informed him of his interest in the Alabama job last week.

An academic leader at WKU says the school--and other universities in the state--must find ways to reach out to those who have given up on higher education.

WKU Provost Gordon Emslie says there are many adults in Kentucky who dropped out of college before getting their degrees. He believes that despite the rising cost of tuition, many of those dropouts could be encouraged to give school another try.

"I think people recognize the value of a college degree in this economy,” Emslie told WKU Public Radio. "I think we're finding employers are actually willing to pick up some of the cost of that, so that they'll have a more highly education workforce."

Emslie says he's like to see WKU emulate the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, which offers online classes that can be started at any point in the year that suits a student's schedule.