Kentucky Ranks First for Deer Hunters

May 22, 2013

A magazine says Kentucky is #1 when it comes to whitetail deer hunting. The latest edition of "Outdoor Life" ranks the Bluegrass state as the top whitetail trophy state in the country.

The publication says western Kentucky was especially noteworthy for producing a relatively high number of trophy bucks.

In tallying the scores, Kentucky ranked second in the number of record-book bucks. But the state reached the top of the rankings due to a low hunter density, relatively low costs for guided hunts and hunter-friendly laws and regulations.

Voters across the state will cast ballots on Election Day to decide whether hunting and fishing should be a constitutional right in Kentucky. The effort is backed by the National Rifle Association, which has pushed similar measures in 12 other states as a way to stop any possible effort in the future to ban hunting.