Metcalfe County

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An accident involving a Metcalfe County school bus has left the driver of another vehicle dead.

None of the 34 children aboard the bus or the bus driver appear to have suffered serious injuries.

A statement released from the Metcalfe County School District says the accident took place Thursday around 3 p.m. on Highway 1243, about two miles outside Edmonton. The bus was traveling northbound when a van driven by Alicia Thurmond, 31, hit the bus head-on.

Thurmond was later pronounced dead.

The statement says bus driver David Holley was able to get all of the children safely off the bus.

Sixteen students were transported by ambulances to TJ Samson Community Hospital in Glasgow.  Eighteen students were picked up at the scene by parents or guardians. Some parents chose to transport their child to the hospital by private means. 

The statement issued by Metcalfe County Schools thanked Penny Groce, a Metcalfe County resident who helped care for the students before first-responders were able to arrive.

Hundreds of Prosecutors Convene In Lexington For Annual Conference

Aug 20, 2014
Stu Johnson

Christian County is trying a unique approach to combat growing domestic violence issues.  The Christian County attorney's office has a subdivision solely focused on working domestic violence cases. Attorney Tonya Fleming began her new job August first. Fleming says she hopes to help break the cycle of abuse.

"The biggest issue that I think we have in domestic violence is victims not realizing they are victims,” said Fleming.  “It's the cycle of abuse and they keep going back to it.  My biggest goal is to try to educate people and to know they can do better for themselves and they don't have to be in that environment."

Fleming is one of about 600 prosecutors meeting this week in Lexington for the annual Kentucky Prosecutors Conference. 

Metcalfe County Attorney Barry Gilley says he's been practicing some form of law for 37 years.  During his time in the legal profession, Gilley says he's also represented offenders.  He says a lack of patience makes his job tougher today.

"It makes practicing law a lot more difficult, cause you're dealing with people who are on an emotional ride one way or the other anyway and then they have less patience and they're not taught patience anymore.  You know we as a society don't teach patience," said Gilley.

Thursday's agenda includes a meeting of the Legislative Interim Committee on Judiciary.

Edmonton Teen Sentenced to 20 Years for Killing Guardians

Dec 12, 2012

A judge has sentenced a 16-year-old boy who pleaded guilty to killing his guardians to 20 years in prison.

The Glasgow Daily Times reports that Christopher Endicott received the sentence during a hearing Tuesday in Metcalfe County.

He pleaded guilty in October in the 2011 slayings of his legal guardians, Gary and Barbara Holloway. The couple was found fatally shot in their Edmonton home. He also entered guilty pleas to robbery, tampering with evidence and fleeing from police.