2:23 pm
Wed February 29, 2012

Bills on Synthetic and Prescription Drugs Pass House Committee

The Kentucky House Judiciary Committee has overwhelmingly passed two bills to overhaul the state’s fight against drugs. One bill deals with synthetic drugs. It would ban the manufacture of any drug that simulates an illegal substance or that contains certain chemical compounds.

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7:44 am
Fri February 24, 2012

Two Major Bills Die in Frankfort

Kentucky State Seal

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear's expanded gambling amendment has failed in the state Senate. The measure would have allowed for a public vote on whether to legalize casinos. It fell seven votes short of the 23 it needed to move to the House, largely due to fractures in the Democratic caucus.

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8:05 pm
Thu February 23, 2012

Future of Pseudoephedrine Bill Unclear After Measure is Pulled

A Senate bill that would have made pseudoephedrine available by prescription only has surprisingly been killed by its sponsor. State Senator Robert Stivers withdrew Senate Bill 50 Thursday, to the objection of several of his colleagues.

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1:31 pm
Wed February 22, 2012

Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana in Top 5 Nationally for Meth Lab Busts

Barren County Drug Task Force

Methamphetamine lab seizures rose nationally again in 2011, further evidence the powerfully addictive and dangerous drug is maintaining a tight grip on the nation's heartland, according to an Associated Press survey of the nation's top meth-producing states.

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Money and Politics
9:20 am
Tue February 21, 2012

Group Fighting Kentucky Meth Bill Spends Big Dollars Opposing Measure

A national organization trying to beat back a Kentucky bill making pseudoephedrine a prescription-only drug spent five times as much as any other group lobbying state lawmakers last month.

The Courier-Journal reports the Consumer Healthcare Products Association of Washington, D.C spent nearly $195,000 lobbying Kentucky lawmakers in January.

Some Kentucky lawmakers and many law enforcement officials want to make pseudoephedrine available by prescription only because it’s a necessary ingredient in making meth, a drug that is ravaging rural parts of the Commonwealth.

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Fighting Meth in Kentucky
2:16 pm
Thu February 16, 2012

Kentucky Senate Committee Gives OK to Bill Meant to Battle Meth

A bill that would make pseudoephedrine available by prescription only in Kentucky has cleared its first legislative hurdle. PSE is commonly found in cold medicines and is also used to make meth.

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Impact of Meth Series
3:57 pm
Tue February 14, 2012

In South-Central Kentucky, Meth Addicts Have Become Biggest Challenge to Law Enforcement

Meth lab bust in Barren County, Ky
Barren-Edmonston Drug Task Force

For Dean Crumbaugh, an incident that took place in January serves as the perfect example of how meth is making the job of law enforcement even more dangerous than it already was. Crumbaugh—a sergeant with the Glasgow Police Department—was assisting two fellow officers who had an altercation with a suspicious acting person at a gas station parking lot.

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1:18 pm
Thu January 12, 2012

Kentucky lawmakers get advice on how to battle meth epidemic

Officials from outside of Kentucky are encouraging state lawmakers not to repeat their missteps in the fight against meth.

At a joint meeting of the House and Senate Judiciary committees, officials from Oklahoma and Mississippi testified about how they've restricted the purchase of pseudoephedrine (PSE)—a common decongestant in cold medicines and an integral ingredient in meth.

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Meth Scourge
9:25 am
Tue January 12, 2010

"Shake and Bake" Meth Production on the Rise in Kentucky

Bowling Green, Ky – A new one-step method of producing methamphetamine is gaining in popularity throughout the region. "Shake and bake" is a technique where meth ingredients are placed in a plastic bottle and shaken. Kevin Willis spoke to law enforcement agents in Bowling Green and Elizabethtown about the dangers the method poses to those involved, and those who come into contact with the discarded bottles.

Fighting Meth in Kentucky
11:27 am
Tue March 11, 2008

Warren County Drug Task Forces Worry Over Funding Cuts

Bowling Green, Ky – Drug task forces across the US are predicting devastating consequences about an impending 67% reduction in federal funding. Tommy Loving of the Bowling Green-Warren County Drug Task Force says he fears a rise in the number of meth dealers if the group's budget is cut. Lisa Autry has our report.