Owensboro Convention Center

Owensboro Convention Center

The new Owensboro Convention Center opens for business Wednesday as the Ag Expo begins. The city also has grand opening festivities slated for this weekend. 

Work began on the 170,000 square foot, $40-million dollar facility in March 2012. Owensboro Mayor Ron Payne says the finished product is impressive.

“You go in and the lobby is 60 feet high and you have a lot of lot of unique artwork in there and two huge ballrooms up on the third floor.  Off those ballrooms to the north and you have a balcony overlooking the Ohio River,” said Payne.

Payne says despite the facility’s size, it will be able to play host to events large and small.

“The exhibit hall can actually be separated into three separate exhibit halls if you want to do it," said Payne.  "Or you can take the panels and open up the entire thing. So, lots of versatility which gives you a lot of options.”

The 20 year old Summit Golf and Country Club is for sale through sealed bid offerings, according to a report by the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer.

The Summit Drive property, which is still in good shape and and still operating, was shown last week to prospective buyers with another preview scheduled for June 26th. The broker for the sale, Hilda Allen, says qualified buyers can submit a sealed bid which will be opened in private with the seller on July 17th. The owner has the right to accept or reject the offers.

The price tag for a new downtown convention center in Owensboro now stands at nearly $40 million. The city-county organization overseeing the construction effort has approved the use of $3.5 million in contingency funds for the project.