1:15 pm
Fri November 23, 2012

Stumbo: Make High Earning Kentucky Pensioners Pay More to Help Fund System

State employees with higher pensions should pay more to help the underfunded systems recover, Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo said in a recent interview. One thing Stumbo doesn't want to see is lawmakers floating bonds to help pay for the state’s underfunded pensions.

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8:05 am
Wed November 21, 2012

What to do About Kentucky's Struggling Pension Systems? Task Force Makes Recommendations

Kentucky's state pension plans have problems, and a bipartisan legislative task force has approved sweeping recommendations to overhaul them -- including putting new employees in a hybrid plans akin to 401Ks.

The task force -- with an 11-1 vote -- is recommending that the General Assembly start fully funding their pension contributions starting with the next budget in 2014. Lawmakers’ inability to do that is part of the pension plans problems.

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3:50 pm
Thu October 18, 2012

Group of GOP House Candidates Asks David Williams To Avoid Using Pension Loophole

A group of GOP House candidates are encouraging one Republican leader to take a bold stance on a pension issue. Republicans Chris Hightower, Jason Crockett, Lynn Bechler, Bryan Lutz and Matt Lockett are all in competitive races for the state House this election cycle.

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1:40 pm
Thu July 19, 2012

Kentucky Economic Group Pushes Back Against Pension Reform

A relatively new economic think tank in Kentucky has released a report that pushes back on calls to cut the state's pension benefits. The report from the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy says the idea that public pensioners are well-compensated compared to their private sector counterparts is inaccurate.

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8:04 am
Tue July 3, 2012

All Solutions on the Table Concerning Kentucky's Foundering Pension Plan

A group of Kentucky lawmakers has a new summer assignment: shoring up the state’s failing pension systems. At least two of Kentucky’s six pension plans are at a high risk for failure. And their troubles have been highlighted by Bloomberg, the New York Times and the Pew Center.

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