Eastern Kentucky PRIDE

It turns out spring cleaning isn’t just for homes—it’s for entire regions of the commonwealth.

The non-profit group Eastern Kentucky PRIDE is holding its 20th annual Spring Cleanup during the month of April.

An estimated 25,000-30,000 volunteers across 42 counties in eastern and southern Kentucky will clean up trash near homes, businesses, parks, and roadways.

Kentucky State Parks

Hundreds of volunteers are expected at an event Saturday designed to clean up the area around a southeastern Kentucky park.

The group PRIDE serves 42 counties in the region, and is kicking off its Spring Cleanup Campaign Saturday morning at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park.

PRIDE president Tammi Wilson says the effort will target trash pickup along the roadway leading into and out of the park in McCreary and Whitley counties.

“We’ve had as many as 507 volunteers at this event at one time. We pick up about, just under, a thousand bags of trash on that 27 miles of roadway. So you can just imagine the impact that that makes—almost a thousand bags of trash no longer on the roadway," Wilson said.