Rand Paul

4:32 am
Fri May 10, 2013

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul Raising National Profile

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul

Paul is doing more than just "considering" running for president as he's states, the Kentucky Republican is clearing a path to seek the 2016 Republican presidential nomination with a series of upcoming early primary state visits, a beefed up political operation and a plan to raise his profile.

His first major appearance is Friday night when he's scheduled to be the featured guest at the Iowa Republican Party's annual spring fundraiser. That's considered a plum speaking gig in the state expected to host the leadoff caucuses.

Paul's road is expected to be far from easy, given other big names in the prospective field and the national GOP's wide divide. But he enjoys tea party backing and access to his father Ron Paul's past presidential campaign networks.

Rand Paul heads to New Hampshire later this month and to South Carolina in June, two other early primary states.

9:31 am
Wed April 3, 2013

Rand Paul Doubles Down on Gun Control Fight

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is lending his name to a conservative gun rights group that's targeting fellow Republicans.

The group, the National Association for Gun Rights, is running ads against two Congressmen in Virginia, including House Minority leader Eric Cantor, saying they gave in too easily to President Obama's gun control measures. They also say the National Rifle Association is too willing to compromise on gun rights.

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10:22 am
Thu March 21, 2013

Paul to Headline Iowa GOP Lincoln Day Dinner, Further Fueling White House Speculation

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul speaking at last year's RNC.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is scheduled to headline the Iowa Republican party’s Lincoln Day Dinner in May. While members of Congress often take part in speaking engagements in other states, Sen. Paul’s appearance in Iowa is making news because the event always creates buzz about the upcoming presidential race.

The Hawkeye State has been a traditional launching pad for presidential candidates from both parties, given that the Iowa caucuses serve as the country’s first major electoral event in the presidential nominating process.

Paul, a Bowling Green Republican, has admitted he is considering a run for the White House in 2016, and attracted a lot of popular press in conservative circles when he launched a 13-hour filibuster earlier this month against the nomination of John Brennan to be C.I.A. chief.

Earlier this week, Paul told the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce that the country needs to find a way to give legal status to undocumented immigrants working in the U.S. While stopping short of saying there should be a pathway to citizenship for such workers, Paul’s latest statements were much more moderate than his previous positions on immigration.

6:56 pm
Sun March 17, 2013

Rand Paul Wins CPAC Presidential Straw Poll

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)

Kentucky U.S. Senator Rand Paul won the presidential straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference, narrowly beating fellow Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

According to Politico, Paul received 25 percent of the vote at CPAC Saturday, with Rubio taking 23 percent of the nearly 3,000 ballots cast.

Former Pennsylvania Senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum was third.

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National Security
8:00 am
Sun March 10, 2013

When Rand Paul Ended Filibuster, He Left Drones On National Stage

Code Pink activists deliver flowers, candies and other objects of thanks to Sen. Rand Paul's Capitol Hill offices Thursday for filibustering John Brennan's CIA nomination.
Chip Somodevilla Getty Images

Originally published on Sun March 10, 2013 12:21 pm

Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky launched a nationwide conversation last week with his 13-hour filibuster of the president's nominee to lead the CIA.

Paul vowed to keep talking until the White House clarified whether it has authority to kill U.S. citizens on American soil with drones.

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1:00 pm
Wed March 6, 2013

Holder Tells Sen. Paul President Could Use Deadly Force Against Americans in U.S.

Update at 12:52 p.m.:

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is filibustering the nomination of John Brennan as the next C.I.A director.

Paul, a Bowling Green Republican, is expressing his displeasure with Brennan's testimony on the issue of the possible use of drones by the U.S. government to attack citizens on American soil.

Paul is also upset with a letter sent to him by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. In the letter, Holder said the President had the right to order drone strikes against American citizens in the U.S.

Speaking on the floor of the Senate Wednesday, Paul said "no one person, no one politician should be allowed to judge the guilt, to charge an individual, to judge the guilt of an individual and to execute an individual. It goes against everything that we fundamentally believe in our country."

Original post:

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is blasting Attorney General Eric Holder's statement that President Obama could order the use of deadly force against an American inside the United States. The claim came in a letter Holder sent to Kentucky U.S. Sen. Rand Paul that was released Tuesday.

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3:18 pm
Tue February 19, 2013

Rand Paul: Republicans Have President Obama "Where We Want Him" on Sequester

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)

Sen. Rand Paul's interview with WKU Public Radio

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul believes the sequester and its $85 billion in spending cuts present a great political opportunity for Republicans. In an interview with WKU Public Radio Tuesday, Sen. Paul said as the March 1 deadline nears, more and more members of the GOP are starting to believe the sequester may be their best bet for getting significant spending cuts to become reality

According to Sen. Paul, Republicans "have the President where we want him. These spending cuts will occur automatically, without a Presidential signature, and without the Democrats in the Senate voting for it"

WKU Public Radio spoke with Sen. Paul about sequester politics, gun control, and America's appetite for a libertarian presidential candidate.

Here are some excerpts from our interview:

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9:54 am
Mon February 18, 2013

Paul Considering Presidential and Senate Run in 2016

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul says he'll wait until next year to decide whether to run for President, but he says he believes voters are ready for a Libertarian Republican candidate. And, even though he's up for re-election to his Senate seat in 2016, the same year as the Presidential election, he says there's "probably a way that could be done, but we haven't finalized any plans."

Speaking on "Fox News Sunday", Paul said, "I would absolutely not run unless it were to win."

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5:54 am
Wed February 13, 2013

Paul: America Doesn't Need Robin Hood

In his Tea Party response to President Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday night, Kentucky Republican senator Rand Paul said there actually is plenty of bi-partisanship between Democrats and Republicans in Washington saying, "both parties have been guilty of spending too much, of protecting their sacred cows, of backroom deals in which everybody up here wins, but every taxpayers loses."

Paul at times spoke as though he was an outsider instead of an elected member of the Senate, even using the word "they" when referring to other Senators.

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2:15 pm
Mon February 11, 2013

Hemp Bill Sails Through Kentucky Senate Agriculture Committee

(From right) U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY, Congressman John Yarmuth, D-KY, Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture James Comer, and Congressman Thomas Massie, R-KY, testify in favor of an industrial hemp bill up for consideration in the Kentucky Senate Agriculture Committee.
Credit Kentucky LRC

After testimony from a bevy of high-level supporters, the state Senate agriculture committee unanimously approved Monday a bill that would establish oversight for Kentucky  industrial hemp farmer if hemp were made legal federally.

Agriculture Commission James Comer—the leading proponent of industrial hemp in Kentucky—recruited U.S. Reps. Thomas Massie and John Yarmuth to speak in favor of the bill at the committee, as well as U.S. Sen.  Rand Paul. But the bill has opposition from many law enforcement agencies, including the Kentucky State Police and Operation UNITE, a federally-funded program.

The crop could create jobs in Kentucky in agriculture and other industries through hemp's use as a strong material, said Comer, a Republican. The legislative approved in committee Monday, Senate Bill 50, is Comer's chief legislative priority.

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