12:50 pm
Thu April 1, 2004

Former State Agency Official Under Investigation

Frankfort, KY – The Fletcher Administration says the Kentucky
State Police are investigating alleged embezzlement
by a former ranking official. The former official
has been identified as Barbara Nash, who was the
Director of the Division of Administrative Services in the
Office of Financial Institutions.

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4:53 pm
Wed March 31, 2004

Unemployment Rate Unchanged from Previous Month

Frankfort, KY – A report from Frankfort says the Kentucky unemployment
rate in February was 5.3 percent, which is unchanged
from January's figures. The jobless rate was down
eight-tenths of a point from February of 2003.

The report comes from the Kentucky Department for
Employment Services. The report says February of
2004 marked the lowest February jobless rate since

The jobless rate is seasonally adjusted.

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3:37 pm
Tue March 30, 2004

General Assembly Approves Bill for Gun Dealer Zoning

Frankfort, KY – Local zoning restrictions would not apply to federally
licensed gun dealers and manufacturers under
a bill approved by the Kentucky General Assembly.
Under the legislation, gun dealers and gun makers
could operate alongside any other business, and
gun importers would be safe from zoning restrictions.

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12:11 pm
Fri March 26, 2004

Senate Expected to Take Up Budget on Monday

Frankfort, KY – Reports from Frankfort indicate the State Senate probably won't take up the budget
until Monday. The delay means getting a
budget agreement could be a close call this

Monday will mark the 58th day of the current legislative session, which runs
sixty days. The only days left after Monday
are already designated as time for legislators to overturn vetoes of the
Governor. However, the two veto days can
be used to pass bills.

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12:33 pm
Thu March 25, 2004

Senate Passes Public Records Bill

Frankfort, KY – Legislation which was originally intended to
exempt homeland security-related documents
from open records laws was approved by the
Kentucky Senate. However, the Senate version
of the bill would also exempt donor records at
state universities--- if a donor wants to remain

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11:08 am
Wed March 24, 2004

State Auditor Releases Report on U of L Foundation

Louisville, KY – Kentucky Auditor Crit Luallen has released a report
on the University of Louisville's Foundation---and on
the spending of former U of L President John Shumaker.
The report concludes that Dr. Shumaker did not use the
Foundation for inappropriate personal benefit. However,
the State Auditor is calling for tighter controls and guidelines,
particularly regarding gifts received and distributed.

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1:53 pm
Tue March 23, 2004

Soules Enters Guilty Plea in Autry Case

Bowling Green,KY – One of the two men charged in connection with last
May's death of Western Kentucky University student
Katie Autry has entered a guilty plea. Stephen Soules
of Scottsville entered the plea this morning in
Warren Circuit Court.

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10:18 am
Tue March 23, 2004

Senate Delays Ethics Legislation in General Assembly

Frankfort, KY – Four ethics bills sponsored by House Speaker
Jody Richards are being ignored by Senate Committees,
and the bills could be doomed. The bills were proposed
by the Democrat from Bowling Green to curb nepotism,
cronyism and no-bid contracts in the state's executive

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12:05 pm
Mon March 22, 2004

U-S Secret Service Warns of Auto Purchase Scam

Nashville, TN – The U-S Secret Service is warning people selling
cars not to send money to unknown individuals.
The agency reports that one scam recently detected
in Tennessee involves someone paying more than
the advertised asking price for a car listed in a
small newspaper ad.

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1:22 pm
Fri March 19, 2004

Kentucky House Passes Bill on Mine Electrical Safety

Frankfort, KY – The Kentucky House approved Senate Bill 37 by
a unanimous vote. The legislation is designed to
make coal mines safer places to work by updating
standards for electrical safety.

The bill was sponsored in the Senate by Senator
David Boswell of Owensboro. It includes new
requirements that power circuits and electrical
equipment in mines must be shut off before they
are worked on. In addition, insulation would be
required around suspended cables.

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