12:26 pm
Mon March 1, 2004

Governor Fletcher's Communications Director Resigns

Frankfort, KY – Aides to Governor Fletcher say Communications
Director Wes Irvin has stepped down from his job.
Press Secretary Jason Keller says Wes Irvin
returned to his native state of Virginia to spend time
with his family.

Irvin had been singled out for criticism last week
by House Speaker Jody Richards and House Majority
Leader Rocky Adkins. The criticism was for Irvin's
statement that Representative Harry Moberly of
Richmond "should show up for work."

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2:51 pm
Fri February 27, 2004

The Joe B. and Denny Talk Show

Louisville, Kentucky – They insist they're friends and hold no grudges over past meetings on the basketball floor. That's good, because Joe B. Hall of UK fame and former Louisville Coach Denny Crum have teamed up to do a talk-radio, call-in show.

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2:30 pm
Fri February 27, 2004

Indiana Jail Inmates File Lawsuit

Jeffersonville, Indiana – Clark County, Indiana jail inmates who helped remodel a building at the former Indiana Army Ammunition Plant have filed a lawsuit. They claim they were exposed to asbestos and other hazardous materials. The 21 inmates who helped convert the building into a training center for the sheriff's department are seeking $100,000 for future medical care, plus punitive damages and attorneys' fees.

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1:04 pm
Wed February 25, 2004

Governor Fletcher Appoints New Highway Commissioner

Frankfort, KY – Governor Ernie Fletcher has picked Central
Kentucky engineer Marc Williams to serve as
the state's new Commissioner of Highways.
Williams is a Vice-President with Wilbur Smith
Associates, an engineering firm which provides
planning, design, and construction services for
a variety of infrastructure projects. The firm did
consulting work for the Kentucky TriModal
Transpark project in northern Warren County.

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10:48 am
Tue February 24, 2004

Governor Fletcher Fills Appointment to Lottery Board

Frankfort,KY – Governor Ernie Fletcher has named retired Judge
J.William Howerton of Paducah to serve on the
Kentucky Lottery Board. Howerton replaces
Tina Conner, who had previously resigned. Conner
became involved in several controversies after she
revealed that she was the former mistress of former
Governor Paul Patton.

Howerton was a Judge on the Kentucky Court of
Appeals from 1976 until 1996.Howerton says he
is honored to have been asked to serve on the

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2:08 pm
Mon February 23, 2004

Human Rights Commission Could Face Furloughs

Frankfort, KY – The Executive Director of the Kentucky agency that
investigates complaints of discrimination in housing
and employment says she plans to furlough employees
in fiscal year 2006.

Beverly Watts told a House Budget Subcommittee that
the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights has a
growing caseload, but dwindling revenues.The furlough
plan discussed by Watts would give the commission's
36 staffers two days off per month, without pay.

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9:45 am
Fri February 20, 2004

House Speaker Say Governor Should Move on Tax Code

Frankfort, KY – The top ranking Democrat in the Kentucky General
Assembly says Governor Fletcher should not
abandon his pursuit of a new tax code. House
Speaker Jody Richards says he and other Democrats
in the House think change is needed.

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9:51 am
Thu February 19, 2004

House Democrats Want Governor to Make Tax Plans Public

Frankfort, KY – Leaders of the Democratic Majority in the Kentucky
House of Representatives are calling on Governor
Fletcher to present his tax modernization plan ----
in writing and to the public. In a letter written by
legislative leaders, the House Democrats applaud
the Governor's enthusiasm for tax reform.

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3:19 pm
Wed February 18, 2004

U-K President Says Tuition Increases Coming

Lexington, KY – University of Kentucky President Lee Todd has
informed a group of lawmakers that students
could see a 15 percent tuition increase next fall.
Todd says efforts to deal with state budget cuts
to higher education may force the tuition hike.

Students at the University of Kentucky had to
pay 15 percent more to attend last fall. Even with
the possible increase next fall, University officials
say less than half of the 33 million dollars in
operating revenue would be realized for next year.

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3:09 pm
Wed February 18, 2004

Chandler Headed to Congress

Lexington, KY – Democrat Ben Chandler says it feels good to be
on the winning side again. After losing last fall's
gubernatorial race to Republican Ernie Fletcher,
the former Attorney General has won the
Congressional seat previously held by Fletcher.

Chandler handily defeated Alice Forgy Kerr and
Libertarian candidate Mark Gailey. Kentucky's
new Sixth District Congressman won 55 percent
of the vote in the special election.

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