4:02 pm
Thu July 8, 2004

Bush Administration Officials to Testify About Fletcher's Plane

Washington, D.C. – Officials from the Bush Administration are scheduled
to testify before Congress today, regarding problems
encountered when Governor Fletcher's plane caused
an evacuation of the U-S Capitol. The incident took place
the day the body of former President Reagan was placed
in the U-S Capitol for public processions.

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11:13 am
Thu July 8, 2004

State Tax Collectors Working Overtime

Frankfort, KY – State tax collectors in Kentucky are working overtime this
year. Officials say collection of delinquent taxes has increased
about thirty percent for the year, with about 15 million dollars
more collected than last year.

The acting Director of the Finance Cabinet says its the
best six months for tax collection ever in the state. Officals
say they have already taken in 68 million dollars in
delinquent taxes during the first six months of the year.

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4:47 pm
Wed July 7, 2004

Price of Corvette Sports Car to Change

Bowling Green, KY – The price of the 2005 Chevrolet Corvette sports
car is going down, but some features that were
standard in the past will now cost extra. The
price of the car, which is built in Bowling Green,
will start at 45 thousand dollars. That's a drop
of about 400 dollars from the 2004 model.

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3:55 pm
Wed July 7, 2004

Group Representing State Workers Joins Lawsuit

Frankfort, KY – A group representing state employees has asked to
join a lawsuit over the state budget. The group claims
state workers should get a five percent pay raise this

The Kentucky Association of State Employees filed
suit in Franklin Circuit Court. The group is contesting
Governor Fletcher's decision to give state government
employees a two percent pay raise this fiscal year,
rather than a state-mandated five percent increase.

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10:07 am
Tue July 6, 2004

Bar Association Will Consider Ethics of Internet Advertising

Louisville, KY – The Kentucky Bar Association is scheduled this month
to consider the ethics of lawyers using internet advertising
to attract business. The case arises from a dispute between
two Kentucky attorneys who specialize in ethics.

The issue centers on whether an attorney can use search-
engine advertising to land business from a person
searching for a competitor.

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