Tennessee Valley Authority

Erica Peterson, WFPL

The budget proposal being discussed in the Kentucky General Assembly contains a new infusion of money for counties that are powered by or distribute power for the Tennessee Valley Authority. 

As a federal entity, TVA doesn’t pay property taxes on any of its assets in 39 southern and western Kentucky counties.  Instead, the utility pays an in-lieu-of tax to the state, which is five percent of its gross sales.  Seventy-percent of that money goes back to TVA counties and 30 percent remains in the state’s general fund.  State Representative Bart Rowland of Tompkinsville is co-sponsoring a measure to return more of those dollars to TVA counties.

Record low water levels on the Tennessee River are creating big challengers for the operators of the Kentucky Hydro Plant at the Kentucky Dam. Plant Manager Bill Stallion told the Paducah Sun that maintaining levels on the river as well as Kentucky Lake is a balancing act of keeping the minimum levels necessary for the dam while making marinas, boaters, and fisherman happy.