West Nile Virus

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West Nile infected mosquitoes have been found in Louisville again. The Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness found the infected mosquitoes in surveillance traps mainly around downtown, in Portland, the Highlands and near Iroquois Park.

Last year, one person died in Louisville after contracting West Nile. Connie Mendel with the Public Health and Wellness Department said that person already had serious medical conditions.

In most cases, the body is able to fight off the virus. However, people over age 60 are at greater risk and people with medical conditions like cancer, hypertension or diabetes are, too.

A central Kentucky health official says a case of human West Nile virus has been confirmed in Bourbon County. Bourbon County Health Department Director Tom Skeen told the Lexington Herald-Leader it's thought that the person contracted the illness out of state although he didn't believe it was the Dallas area. Texas, in particular Dallas, has reported 1,225 cases and 50 deaths as of last week, the largest outbreak in years.