4:06 pm
Tue May 18, 2004

Election Officials Predict Relatively Light Turnout in Primary

Louisville/ Bowling Green, KY – Kentucky voters are heading to the polls today to choose
nominees for offices ranging from the General Assembly
to the Presidency. However, the lack of a heated race in
the contests topping the ballot is expected to contribute to
a relatively light turnout.

Turnout in Bowling Green is described as "light" and those
voting this morning had little or no wait at the polls.

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9:26 am
Mon May 17, 2004

Military Police Units Could be Called to Active Duty

Frankfort, KY – A pair of military police units of the Kentucky National Guard
have been alerted for a possible call up to active duty. The alert
coincides with recent reports of abuse of Iraqi prisoners by
some members of the military police in Abu Ghraib prison
in Baghdad.

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2:07 pm
Fri May 14, 2004

State Revenues Increase by about Seventy Million Dollars

Frankfort, KY – Revenue experts say tax revenues are up in Kentucky, and
the state could have at least seventy million dollars more
than expected this fiscal year. Some lawmakers say the
money could be saved for future budget problems or could
help the House and Senate overcome differences to pass
a budget.

Budget shortfalls have forced spending cuts in the past
three years. But strong retail sales have boosted sales tax
income above expectations.

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11:38 am
Fri May 14, 2004

Business will Challenge Lexington's Smoking Ban

Lexington, KY – A business cited for violating Lexington's smoking ban is challenging
the law in court. Rather than pay the one hundred dollar fine for
the health department's citation, Jackpot Bingo will fight the issue.

Attorney Jerry Wright entered a not guilty plea in Fayette District
Court on behalf of the bingo hall. The case could result in the
organization paying the fine plus court costs, but Wright predicts
the bingo hall will prevail. He says the bingo hall is a non-profit

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3:49 pm
Thu May 13, 2004

Court of Appeals Elects its First Female Chief Judge

Frankfort, KY – Sara Combs of Stanton has become the first female
Chief Judge of the Kentucky Court of Appeals. She will
succeed Judge Tom Emberton who publicly announced
his retirement last week.

Combs is also the first person from eastern Kentucky
elected as a chief judge. She will serve a four-year term.
Combs was appointed to the Appeals Court by Governor
Brereton Jones, to fill a vacancy in 1994. She won an
election the following November and was re-elected
in 2000.

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4:35 pm
Wed May 12, 2004

State Park Superintendent Fired

Frankfort, KY – The former Superintendent of Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park
has been officially fired. Brian Roy, who once ran as a Democrat for
Congress, was suspended by the Fletcher Administration in February.
The Republican Administration charges that Roy misused state funds and

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9:50 am
Tue May 11, 2004

Campbellsville Job Creation Draws Congressional Attention

Campbellsville, KY – A Congressional Round Table discussion is drawing attention
to the job creation efforts in Campbellsville, Kentucky. The central
Kentucky city suffered the loss of more than two thousand jobs
in the late 1990s, when Fruit of the Loom closed a production
facility there.

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3:10 pm
Mon May 10, 2004

Kerry Campaign Heads to Kentucky

Louisville, KY – John Kerry's Campaign for President is planning an
overnight stay in Kentucky. The Senator from Massachusetts
will hold a rally at Louisville International Airport this
evening, and will visit a Kentucky business tomorrow

The Democrat from Massachusetts is then expected to
attend a fund-raiser at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Tuesday
afternoon. Kerry's visit comes one week before the
Kentucky primary.

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3:10 pm
Fri May 7, 2004

Budget Cuts will end Dental Screenings for Pre-Schoolers

Frankfort, KY – A number of Kentucky's neediest three and four year old
children will not receive dental screenings or access to
other social services next year. Education officials in
Frankfort say that's because funding for the state's
pre-school program is not keeping pace with enrollment.

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11:27 am
Thu May 6, 2004

Chief Judge of State Court of Appeals to Retire

Frankfort, KY – The Chief Judge of the Kentucky Court of Appeals is
planning to retire next month. Judge Tom Emberton of
Edmonton, Kentucky is likely to be succeeded by
Judge Sara Walter Combs of Stanton.

Combs says she has no apparent opposition for
the the Chief Judgeship, which involves more administrative
responsibility and carries a term which lasts four years.
The Court's fourteen judges work within seven districts
across Kentucky.

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