9:26 am
Fri March 4, 2011

Author Offers Support to Kentuckiana Parents Raising Children with Autism

Mark Osteen

Louisville, Ky – Raising a child with severe autism requires the strength and combined efforts of every family member. That's a key message author Mark Osteen brought to Kentucky. Osteen spoke in Louisville about his book "One of Us: A Family's Life with Autism." His visit was sponsored by the Kentucky Autism Training Center at the University of Louisville. Osteen implores parents not to blame themselves for their child's condition. Kevin Willis has our story.

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11:13 am
Thu March 3, 2011

Colon Cancer Prevention Organizations Call on the Public to Wear Blue

Bowling Green, KY – Experts in the field say colon cancer is one of the most deadly....and one of the most preventable forms of cancer. Regular colon cancer screenings can frequently
catch the disease while it is still in a treatable state, according to WKU Professors of Nursing Eve Main and Cathy Abell. They are urging people to wear blue on March 4th to show support for colon cancer awareness. Dan Modlin has more on the story.........

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12:48 pm
Wed March 2, 2011

Historians Say Lincoln's Inaugural Address is Still Timely

Bowling Green, KY – Two WKU historians say the remarks Abraham Lincoln delivered in his first inaugural address "resonate" today. Friday March 4th marks the 150th Anniversary of Lincoln's first inaugural address, which dealt with the theme of "civility." Dr. Glen LaFantasie and Dr. Jack Thacker of the WKU History Department say many of the remarks Lincoln made in an attempt to hold the country together are especially interesting in the context of today's political dialogue. Dan Modlin has more on the story

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10:57 am
Tue March 1, 2011

Vanderbilt Researcher Wonders about Impact of Personal Choices on Nation's Poor Health

Nashville, TN – David Penson is a man who spends a lot of time thinking about the health of the country. The Professor of Urologic Surgery at Vanderbilt University in Nashville served as co-chair of the advisory panel that authored the recent "Tennessee Men's Health Report Card." Dr. Penson said he was amazed to see in how many instances poor personal choices lead to nationwide health problems. He spoke to WKU Public Radio's Kevin Willis.

1:57 pm
Fri February 25, 2011

President of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Discusses Unemployment and the Economic Outlook

Dr. James Bullard addresses the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce meeting at WKU's Knicely Center.
Bob Skipper/ WKU University Relations

Bowling Green, KY – Dr. James Bullard, the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis visited WKU this week, and commented on sluggishness in the labor markets, as well as the general outlook for the region served by the Bank. Dr. Bullard says recent recessions in the U-S have been marked by a labor market which doesn't respond as quickly to a strengthening economy. Dan Modlin has this report......

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Cancer in Kentucky
9:41 am
Tue February 22, 2011

Cancer Surgeon Wants Kentuckians to Understand Impact of Tobacco Related Deaths

Louisville, Ky – Kentucky's lung cancer death rate is 45% higher than the national average. Dr. Victor VanBurkle wants Kentuckians to understand the impact tobacco-related cancers are having on the state. He's a surgeon with the James Graham Brown Cancer Center in Louisville. He says while cancer treatments have come a long way in recent years, the lung cancer death rate is essentially flat. That's because when most patients discover they have the disease, it's too late to save them.

9:34 am
Tue February 22, 2011

Darfur activist in Owensboro to draw attention to continued violence

Sudanese government-backed gunmen have slaughtered tens of thousands of civilians in Darfur.

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9:36 am
Fri February 18, 2011

Bill would exempt some Ky coal mines from environmental laws

Jim Gooch (D-Providence) is sponsor of the house bill.

Bowling Green, Ky – A bill that would exempt certain Kentucky coal mines from the federal Clean Water Act has passed out of a committee, and is now being considered by the full House. The measure is sponsored by Webster County Democrat Jim Gooch, and it's sure to stir debate over the powers of state versus federal government. Kevin Willis spoke to University of Louisville law professor Russell Weaver about possible challenges to the bill if it were to become law.

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3:06 pm
Wed February 16, 2011

WKU partnership with Logan Aluminum will benefit engineering students

Bowling Green, Ky – WKU has announced a new program designed to increase learning opportunities for engineering students. Through the support of Logan Aluminum, a new industrial partnership will offer co-ops and internships to students so they can get "real world" experience with area corporations. Dan Modlin reports.

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4:37 pm
Fri February 11, 2011

Russellville's Charles Neblett: Founding Member of The Freedom Singers

The Freedom Singers

Russellville's Charles Neblett was one of the founding members of The Freedom Singers, a vocal group that became a powerful force in the Civil Rights Movement (fellow member Dr. Bernice Reagon will perform Wednesday, February 16th as part of the WKU Cultural Enhancement Series).

WKU Folk Studies Graduate student Rachel Hopkin visited him to learn more about the group and his long-time involvement in Civil Rights.

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