Akbar Trial Continues

Fort Bragg, NC – A military jury will see five diary entries made by a sergeant in the 101st Airborne Division before a grenade and rifle attack on a Kuwait desert camp that killed two officers and wounded 14.
A judge ruled Thursday that prosecutors must include three entries the defense wants to give a complete picture of Sgt. Hasan Akbar's state of mind before the attack.
Prosecutors wanted to show entries from february 2003 to show premeditation. Akbar is charged with two counts of first degree murder and three counts of attempted first degree murder. He faces a possible death penalty if the jury decides he planned the attack.
The court martial was moved from Fort Campbell to Fort Bragg, North Carolina which is home to the 101st Airborne Division's higher command.
Defense lawyers have said they don't contest the facts and have cross examined few of the government's witnesses. But Akbar's lawyers said their client was so mentally ill that he couldn't have planned the attack.