Appeals Court To Rule On Grand Jury

Frankfort, KY – The future of a special grand jury investigating Governor Fletcher is now in the hands of a three judge panel.
Appeals judge William Knopf of Louisville says the panel may reach a decision before Christmas.
Attorneys for Governor Fletcher and for the attorney general's office argued Wednesday to the state Court of Appeals about whether the special grand jury should continue.
Fletcher's attorney, Sheryl Snyder, says he wants Franklin Circuit Judge William Graham to direct the special grand jury investigating the administration on the effect of the Governor's pardon.
Meanwhile, Fletcher's re-election campaign failed to disclose that some of his contributors work for the state as officials in his administration. That disclosure was required by law.
In the report, Fletcher's campaign listed the officials under jobs they held before joining the administration. They included two cabinet secretaries and the chairman of the public service commission.
Fletcher spokesman Breet Hall said the errors will be corrected, calling it a clerical error that is being fixed.
Hall added, "to suggest otherwise is wrong-headed and trying to make something out of nothing".
And state auditor Crit Luallen's re-election campaign failed to disclose that three campaign workers also were aides in her state office.
Luallen's report on campaign donations and spending listed her director of communications and a policy adviser as "attorney" and her executive assistant as a "retiree".
The campaign reimbursed the aides this year for several thousand dollars in political expenses.
Luallen says her campaign treasurer accidentally listed the wrong jobs for the aides because of computer software that included inaccurate donor information.