Cardinals/Wildcats Rivalry

Louisville, KY – A new poll shows many fans of the Kentucky Wildcats don't see red when it comes to the Louisville Cardinals.
A Bluegrass Poll by the Courier - Journal shows about two-thirds of UK and U of L fans root for the other school when not cherring for their own favorite.
Only 2% to 13% says they pull against the "other" side. The figure varies depending on the school and the sport.
The paper surveyed 1,281 adults in kentucky from February 16th through the 28th
The Wildcats were the favorite basketball team of 67% of those fans, with 17% rooting for Louisville. Subtracting the Jefferson County numbers, Kentucky's edge swells to 75% to 8%. The Cardinals had a solid majority in their home county at 57% to 33% for UK.
Kentucky holds a similar but less substantial edge in football statewide...41% to 20%