Changes Coming to the GED Test

Jun 18, 2012

The GED test is changing nationwide and officials says those who haven't completed the test should go ahead and do so.  A new, more difficult and more expensive test will be in place starting January 2014. 

Anyone who has completed parts of the exam, but not all of it at that time, will have to start over from the beginning.  Jacqueline Korengel is the state GED administrator in Kentucky.

"They periodically update the test based on what they find.  For instance, we have the Common Core standards that Kentucky has adopted and many other states have adopted, " said Korengel.  "The test changes in order to reflect the rigor that high school equivalency would need."

The GED exam is updated occasionally, but this will be the biggest update since the program began in 1942.  The new test will be more rigorous overall and require a higher level of math proficiency.  It will also be computer-based, and the cost will increase from average of $65 to a minimum of $120.