Changes on the Way for Insight Cable Customers

Mar 5, 2012

Time Warner Cable has completed its purchase of Insight Communications, and changes to branding and service will begin over the next few months.  Time Warner paid $3 billion for Insight and will absorb more than three quarters of a million Insight customers in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.  Time Warner will also take over Insight's operations. That means some jobs will be redundant and those positions will be lost.  Time Warner spokeswoman Mary Jo Green says it's too soon to tell how many employees will be let go.

“We've already scheduled calls, operations calls, so that we can learn about how things are run here. Kentucky will now be part of what Time Warner calls its west region. There will be some integration going on over that. It doesn't happen overnight, " said Green.

Only so much information could legally be exchanged before the sale, so Time Warner is finding out more about Insight's operations.  Depending on what they learn, there could be changes to cable and Internet services, prices and technology.  In the next few months Time Warner will begin putting its name in place of Insight's on buildings, uniforms and customer mailings.