First Responders Have Been Working to Anticipate Emergencies Related to Eclipse

Aug 21, 2017

Credit Creative Commons

Emergency management agencies throughout Kentucky are used to being storm ready--but now they’re eclipse ready. 

First responders have spent the past several months preparing for potential threats that come with large events.  Melissa Moore, with the Warren County Emergency Management Agency, says they’ve been trying to anticipate problems before they happen.

“We’re pre-staging all of our fire apparatus. We’ve talked to the police department, the sheriff’s department. They’re going to be pre-staging people in order to reduce response times. The ambulance service is doing the same thing.”

Traffic on Interstate 65 is expected to get backed up in Warren and Simpson counties as many eclipse chasers head to Nashville, which is the largest city in the path of totality.  Motorists are reminded to avoid stopping on roadways or shoulders in order to allow room for emergency responders.