Fort Knox Making Strides at Becoming Net Zero Post

Jul 15, 2013

An artist rendering of a generating facility that will convert methane gas pumped on the post into electricity.
Credit Fort Knox Public Affairs

Fort Knox is on its way to becoming a net zero post, meaning it will produce as much or more energy than it consumes. 

The Army post in central Kentucky is building generating facilities to convert its own natural gas into electricity. 

Fort Knox Energy Manager R.J. Dyrdek says the post of about 40,000 people, will be able to completely go off the grid in the event of an emergency.

"Fort Knox, as you can remember, experienced the ice storm of 2009.  We had five days of no power, so that rallied Fort Knox to understand the need for energy security," replies Dyrdek.

Fort Knox currently gets most of its power from Louisville Gas and Electric, but Dyrdeck says by next fall, the post would be capable of operating without any outside power.  The effort is expected to save Fort Knox nearly $8 million a year. 

The government wants all military installations net zero by 2030.  Fort Knox is expected to reach the milestone much sooner.