Gov. Appears Before Grand Jury

Frankfort, KY – A day after issuing pardons to aides charged by a grand jury with illegal hiring practices, Governor Fletcher appeared before that same grand jury Tuesday morning.
In an address broadcast across the state Monday night, Fletcher said he would invoke his fifth amendment right not to testify and he was in the grand jury room only about three minutes Tuesday morning.
He then walked down the hall to the judge's chambers and left the courthouse a few minutes later.
The investigation has an uncertain future after Fletcher issued a blanket pardon to former and current staffers Monday. Fletcher said he would pardon all members of his administration who have been or may be charged in the ongoing probe.
But the Governor said he would not pardon himself, even though he has the power to do that.
Attorney General Greg Stumbo says Fletcher lied to the public about his administration's activities.
Stumbo says he will explore a legal challenge to the breadth of the pardon as it relates to amnesty for people not yet charged.
Nine current or former members of the Fletcher administration have been charged with misdemeanor violations of state hiring laws. One of those nine, Dan Druen, is also facing felony charges.