Governors Says He Used "Restraint"

Louisville, KY – Governor Fletcher says he used a lot of restraint in carving about $370 million from the state spending plan approved by lawmakers earlier this month.
In an exclusive interview with the Associated Press Tuesday night, the Governor said he thinks his cuts were fair and that state lawmakers would likely have upheld them.
The Governor said he was simply trying to reduce the state's debt when he cut the projects.
Lawmakers passed the $18.1 billion budget earlier this month but did not leave themselves time on the legislative clock to consider any of Fletcher's line item vetoes.
Several Democratic legislators have scheduled press conferences throughout the day Wednesday to talk about those cuts.
University of Louisville president James Ramsey will also give his views.
The Governor cut funding for more than $42 million for two projects at U of L.
The money was for a parking garage and a new basketball practice facility