Guilty Plea In Owensboro Murder

Owensboro, KY – One of the people accused in the disappearance of an owensboro woman missing since August 2003 has pleaded guilty to criminal facilitation to commit murder.
As a part of a plea agreement, Rodney Wayne Lyle agreed to testify against his wife and William Ashley Yeagle of Rumsey. Lyle is likely to get a five year prison sentence.
In Daviess County court, Lyle said Yeagle strangled Carole Embery Hamilton. Lyle says he heled Yeagle transport her body to McLean County, but he doesn't know what happened after that and doesn't know why Hamilton was killed.
Authorities still haven't found Hamilton's body but said they would open a new search.
Yeagle and Lyle's wife, Michelle, face trials in July.