The Impact of Warm Weather and Drought on Our Region

Jan 20, 2013

This is an entry in the category of Continuing Coverage for the 2013 PRNDI awards.

This entry contains three examples of reports WKYU-FM's Kevin Willis produced over the spring and summer of 2012 about the impact of early warm weather and drought on our region's agriculture community.

In the first story, we visited a Warren County farmer who told us about the decisions he was having to make in the face of an unusual stretch of warmer-than-usual weather. Should he pull vegetables out of the ground early, or leave them alone and hope temperatures remain above freezing in the coming weeks?

Our second story introduced listeners to a second Warren County farmers who explained how the intense heat and lack of rain had decimated his corn crop.

The third and final piece takes you to a Barren County livestock auction, where we learned how the drought was forcing producers to make a tough decision: should they sell their cattle now at a loss, or hold on to those animals in hopes of getting better prices down the road?

We hope you enjoy listening to this entry! Thank you for your time and consideration.