Jefferson County Democratic Party Official Says Liberal Group Made McConnell Recording

Apr 12, 2013

Update at 6:48am:

An attorney for Shawn Reilly, one of the members of the liberal group Progress Kentucky who was implicated in the McConnell office recording, says his client did nothing wrong when he and another member of the group went to the Senator's Louisville campaign office in early February.

Attorney Ted Shouse is quoted in the Courier-Journal as saying neither Reilly or Curtis Morrison, another member of Progress Kentucky, broke any laws.

Jefferson County Democratic Party official Jacob Conway told Kentucky Public Radio earlier this week that he overheard Reilly and Morrison bragging about recording a McConnell campaign re-election strategy meeting Feb. 2. According to Conway,  the two men said they were in a hallway outside the office when they made the secret recording, which they later turned over to Mother Jones.

Mother Jones has since published audio excerpts from the meeting. McConnell campaign manager Jesse Benton says the FBI spent an hour inside the Republican Senator's office Wednesday, investigating the possible source of the audio recording. Benton says the McConnell office wants those responsible prosecuted.

Original post:

The fallout continues from a secret audio recording made of a re-election strategy meeting at the Louisville office of Senator Mitch McConnell. A Jefferson County Democratic Party official says two members of the liberal group Progress Kentucky bragged to him about making a secret recording of the meeting.

Jacob Conway has told reporters the names of the two individuals who allegedly made the claim. However, WKU Public Radio is not airing the names of the two because, so far, they haven’t been reached for comment.

Conway says the two bragged to him about recording the strategy meeting from a hallway outside the Louisville office. Conway insists that neither the local or state Democratic party had any part in the incident.

The FBI spent an hour in McConnell’s office Wednesday investigating the case.

The liberal political magazine Mother Jones published audio excerpts from the meeting, in which a McConnell staffer is heard discussing strategies the campaign would use against actress Ashley Judd, who was considering a challenge to McConnell, but who has since said she won’t run. In the recording, the staffer says the campaign would use Judd’s admissions of depression and suicidal thoughts against her.