Job Outlook Improving for Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana Teens

May 25, 2012

A new state-by-state analysis of the teen unemployment rate shows the youth jobless picture improving throughout our listening area. The figures look at the number of 16 to 19 year olds in each state who are actively seeking work.

The report comes from the Employment Policies Institute, a nonprofit research organization based in Washington DC.

Overall, Kentucky has the 17th highest teen jobless rate in the nation, with Tennessee next in line at 18. Indiana comes in at 23.

Kentucky’s teen unemployment rate stood at 25.7% in the month of April. That’s more than a four percentage point improvement from April of 2011.

Tennessee’s teen jobless figure was little changed from last year, while Indiana’s rate was a two percentage point improvement from last year’s report.

E-P-I research fellow Michael Saltsman says while the jobs outlook has improved slightly for teens heading into the summer hiring season, teenagers are now facing more competition and less opportunity than past generations.

California has the nation’s highest teen jobless rate, at nearly 52%.

South Dakota has the lowest, at 12.2%.