Kentucky Ballots Feature Question on Hunting, Fishing

Nov 5, 2012

Kentuckians voting in the election Tuesday will be asked if hunting and fishing should be rights protected by the state constitution.  State lawmakers passed a constitutional amendment earlier this year, sending it to voters to ratify or reject. 

Representative C.B. Embry of Butler County was the lead legislative sponsor.

"There are groups, particularly PETA, working against those rights.  PETA is extremely well funded.  I don't think they would be successful in Kentucky, but this would just be a step to put the issue away forever," explained Embry.

If the amendment passes, Kentucky would join 13 other states whose constitutions protect hunting and fishing rights.  The pasttimes are already covered by numerous rules including licensing and where you can hunt. State fish & wildlife officials say those regulations would continue, with or without the amendment.