Kentucky Education Leaders to Look at Recommendations on New Science Standards

Aug 5, 2013

The Kentucky Board of Education will consider final recommendations by the state’s education department this week on new science standards. Education officials received thousands of public comments on the standards, some critical of new teachings of evolution and climate change.

The board chair doesn’t expect to change the standards in response to those who question the theories.

The new standards are part of Kentucky’s 2009 education reforms. They will update what students will be expected to learn in science….and that includes teaching climate change and evolution.

Several residents voiced their opposition to these topics last month, saying the standards are based on lies. Educators say the standards are based on scientific research and will allow Kentucky’s education system to remain competitive with other states.

Chairman David Karem says he doesn’t expect the board to deviate from the core standards the board has already approved.

“It was 26 different states that developed these standards and as far as the basic premises of the standards I would not expect changes. But we do—it’s not unusual—make changes where somebody points out something that needs attention.”

Education department officials will submit their final report that considers public comments this week. The final step toward adopting the standards is legislative approval.