Kentucky Legislature Considers Keeping Drunk Drivers from Early Release

Feb 1, 2013

A Jefferson County mother is pleading with Kentucky lawmakers to end shock probation for those convicted of killing someone while driving intoxicated.  Debbie Moskwa testified Thursday before a judiciary committee in Frankfort.  Her son was killed by a drunk driver and her husband severely injured in the accident. 

"We believed those that killed Ricky would be punished to the fullest extent of the law," said Moskwa.  "

Little did we know we would be inflicted with more pain by hearing shock probation was granted after the person served only eight months of a 13-year sentence."

Moskwa testified in support of a bill sponsored by Representative Julie Adams.  The measure would prohibit shock probation if a person is convicted of second-degree manslaughter or reckless homicide while under the influence of alcohol.  Similar bills in past session have failed to clear both the House and Senate.