Kentucky Moves to Ease College Admissions Process

Jul 31, 2013

Kentucky high school seniors will soon be able to send electronic transcripts to state colleges and universities, as well as some out of state schools, using the free eTranscript process.

Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson made the announcement Tuesday.

“The statewide adoption of electronic transcripts will streamline the college admissions process, in some cases allowing students to complete the process totally online,” said Abramson. “The eTranscript system will be easy for our students to use, and it will reduce costs and save time for all parties.”

Jefferson County will be the first to make the system available districtwide. By the end of the year, Kentucky eTranscript should be available to students in public and private high schools across the state.

Students will also be able to upload documents such as letters of recommendation for paperless delivery.

An example of an eTranscript can be found here.