Kentucky Retailers Expect a Sales Boost This Season

Dec 3, 2012

It should be a merry Christmas for Kentucky retailers.  Many are expecting sales to be up this year. "This is the first time in the six years that we've done this survey that we've seeing the kind of optimism among our membership," says Laura Leigh Goins with the Kentucky Retail Federation.

According to Goins, 35% of survey respondents, twice that of last year, are expecting an increase in sales.  While Black Friday gets a lot of attention, most retailers say they will do the most business the weekend before Christmas.

"A lot of folks who wait until the last minute or have a long list they're going to finish off that weekend, there's a certain amount of excitement that surrounds stores that weekend."

Retailers are worried about online shopping cutting into their profits.  The Kentucky Retail Federation maintains it's time for federal action on sales

tax fairness.  Not all out-of-state retailers are collecting Kentucky sales tax.