Kentucky Transpark Continues To Grow

Mar 20, 2014

Ground was broken Wednesday for the Warren County-based Kentucky Transpark's fifth speculative building in the past seven years.

All four previous buildings have been sold to manufacturers after being on the market for less than a year. The first spec building was bought in 2007  by American Howa Kentucky before ground was broken.

Most recently, Austrian-based plastic packaging company Alpla, Inc. purchased the fourth Speculative Building , bringing $22.3 million in capital investment and 72 new full-time jobs to the region. The Transpark employs more than 1,100 total.

The newest building is set to be completed in September 2014. It's a 108,000 square foot pre-engineered steel structure with steel insulated panels on 24 acres. It has the potential to expand up to 756,000 square feet on 45 acres with additional Detailed Development Plan approval.