Lethal Injection On Trial

Frankfort, KY – A woman testified Wednesday in the challenge to Kentucky's lethal injection that she was awake but paralyzed during eye surgery.
Carol Weihrer has since created the Anesthesia Awareness Campaign.
Weihrer says its more common than most people know to have patients awake and feeling pain during medical procedures. Weihrer says she was paralyzed but felt and heard everything going on around her while she had surgery to remove her eye in 1998.
Weihrer says the drugs used during her eye surgery are no different than the ones administered during lethal injection procedures in kentucky.
Two death row inmates in Kentucky have filed a lawsuit, saying the state's lethal
injection procedures amount to cruel and unusual punishment that's barred by both the state and U. S. constitutions.
Franklin circuit judge Roger Crittenden is holding hearings this month and next on the procedure and the lawsuit