At Mammoth Cave, First Effects of Sequester-Related Cuts Being Seen

Mar 12, 2013

Mammoth Cave estimates sequester-related budget cuts will impact 38,000 visitors.

The superintendent of Mammoth Cave National Park has announced the south-central Kentucky attraction has begun to implement budget cuts related to the sequestration. Sarah Craighead says Mammoth Cave is prepared to cut five-percent of its budget.

In the first effects of the cuts that will be felt by the public, the Houchin Ferry and Houchin Ferry campground did not open this week as scheduled. Houchin Ferry shuttles vehicles across the Green River near Brownsville.

In a previous interview with WKU Public Radio, Superintendent Craighead mentioned there will fewer cave tour options this summer, as well.

"We will not be hiring about seven seasonal tour guides that we intended to hire for the summer. And as a result we will eliminate a couple of the tours, because we won't have the guides available to give those tours," Craighead said.

Craighead said if no sequestration deal is reached, Mammoth Cave will not be able to fill four permanent positions at the park, including an electrician, and a law enforcement ranger.