Meningitis And Flu Affect Students

Louisville, KY – Doctors say three Louisville area teenagers appear to have become infected with the bacteria associated with meningitis.
The patients are an 8th grade girl at Moore Traditional School in Jefferson County, a student at Bullitt Central High School in Shepherdsville and a third not enrolled in school.
All are reported seriously ill but have been treated with antibiotics. Bacterial meningitis is a contagious illness that can lead to brain damage or death.
Flu is producing high absenteeism in schools across Kentucky.
Greenup County schools and Cavrna Independent schools will be closed for the remainder of the week because of the flu. Attendance in the Greenup County district was about 81% to 82% Monday and superintendent John Youncey says teacher and staff absences also were higher than normal.
Thursday night's Caverna-Metcalfe County basketball games have been cancelled