New Charges Against GE In Madisonville

Madisonville, KY – A published report quotes an Army investigator as saying a Madisonville plant produced defective parts for both commercial and military aircraft, then tried to hide it.
The allegation is included in an application for a search warrant granted in May 2003. The pleading outlines a federal investigation that began in November 2000. The affidavit was filed in U.S. District Court in Owensboro.
It says GE might have violated several statutes, including fraud involving an aircraft, mail fraud and the federal false claims act.
A four year federal investigation of General Electric's Madisonville plant includes allegations that the company was rushing to meet increased demands. It alleges GE produced thousands of cracked engine blades for Apache and Blackhawk helicopters, then tried to hide evidence of it. A GE spokesman denies the allegation