Obama Campaign Opens Office in Long-Shot State: Kentucky

President Barack Obama's re-election campaign has opened its first office in Kentucky. The Bluegrass State has never been a priority for the president, not in his 2008 bid and not now. But spokesman Frank Benenati says the president is serious about competing in all fifty states.

“We’re in the business of expanding the electorate," he says. "From Kentucky to New York to Arizona and everywhere else we’re going to be reaching out to folks telling the story of the president’s successes and contrasting that with what the Republicans would like to do,” he says.

The Obama campaign says the Louisville office might not be the only office it opens in Kentucky, but it currently doesn’t have plans for any more in the commonwealth. But Benenati says the Louisville office will serve the entire state, regardless of whether other offices open.

The office is at 617 Baxter Avenue.