Owensboro Golf and Country Club For Sale

Jun 9, 2013

The 20 year old Summit Golf and Country Club is for sale through sealed bid offerings, according to a report by the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer.

The Summit Drive property, which is still in good shape and and still operating, was shown last week to prospective buyers with another preview scheduled for June 26th. The broker for the sale, Hilda Allen, says qualified buyers can submit a sealed bid which will be opened in private with the seller on July 17th. The owner has the right to accept or reject the offers.

The 6,616 yard, 18 holeĀ golf course and country club were part of a 480 acre development introduced by Billy Joe Miles and Don Bittel that included The Royal Summit Estates. The Summit LLC is listed on the Kentucky secretary of state's business list with Miles as the manager and his daughter, Debra M. Seymour as registered agent.

Don Charles designed and built the course for the owners. In 1993, Charles had already designed several courses for the Arnold Palmer Group, including Whispering Pines and Oyster Bay in North Carolina and Snowmass in Colorado. The Owensboro property includes five lakes, a restaurant, practice facilities, 20,000 square foot clubhouse and a pro shop.

Allen has been running ads in newspapers listing the property preview and bid opening dates and has a website, www.hildawallen.com, where interested buyers will find the process for making an offer.