Poll: Bevin, McConnell Gain Favorability Among Voters

Apr 11, 2017

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin
Credit Phillip Bailey

A new poll suggests Governor Matt Bevin is gaining more approval from Kentuckians after getting off to a rough start early in his tenure. 

The poll by Morning Consult ranked the nation’s most and least popular governors.  Registered voters were questioned from January through March of this year.  Fifty percent of Kentuckians approved of Governor Bevin’s job performance, up from 33 percent in early 2016. 

The same poll ranked Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell as the country’s least popular senator.  Forty-four percent of Kentucky voters said they approved of the 30-year Senate veteran. 

Despite those bad numbers, McConnell is actually trending upward considering what voters thought of him ahead of the 2016 elections.  In September, more than half said they disapproved of McConnell, compared with 39 percent who approved of his performance.

Some other Republican incumbents also seem to have recovered from last election season, including Kentucky Senator Rand Paul whose net rating rose by five points.