Rand Paul Considering White House Bid, Says GOP Must "Evolve and Adapt"

Jan 21, 2013

Kentucky’s junior U.S. Senator says he’ll make a decision within the next two years on a possible presidential run. Bowling Green Republican Rand Paul told a New York City radio station he will seek to play a major role in determining the future of the GOP and wants to “try to be part of the national debate.”

Paul admitted the Republican Party is currently unpopular with many American voters, and is an almost non-factor in several parts of the country, including the west coast and New England. The Warren County native said the GOP must “evolve and adapt”, or face becoming a “permanent minority party.”

As for a possible White House bid in 2016, Senator Paul said he believes his brand of conservatism could play well in parts of the country that normally don’t embrace Republican ideals.

Paul told WABC radio he wants to promote what he calls strict constitutionalism, as well as a strong military defense that doesn’t involve itself in civil wars overseas.