Ready or Not, 10-Digit Dialing Begins Saturday for 270 Area Code

Jan 31, 2014

Seven-digit dialing for local calls will become a thing of the past for those in the 270 area code beginning Saturday

Today marks the end of an era for those with a 270 area code as seven-digit dialing becomes a thing of the past.  Starting Saturday, for local calls, you’ll have to use all 10 digits, including that 270 area code.  So, will this create confusion?  

Some people we talked to in downtown Bowling Green said, it won’t be a problem. Smart phones, for instance, generally ask users to program-in 10 digits for each number. Others said they’ve been dialing all 10 digits for a while.

While others said 10-digit dialing will take some getting used to, especially on land lines.

So why the change?

The Public Service Commission says phone companies can issue 364 area codes to new numbers starting March 3, presenting the need for 10-digit dialing.