Scam Making Rounds in Listening Area Involves "Medical Alert System"

May 28, 2013

Some senior citizens in our listening area have been the targets of a scam involving promises of a free medical alert system.

The Better Business Bureau office that serves Louisville, southern Indiana, and western Kentucky says the scammers tell those who pick up that someone has ordered them a free medical alert system, and that the call is intended to confirm shipping instructions.

"So then the person on the line is to told to press a button to speak to a customer service representative, and that person actually asks them for their personal information, including their credit card number for shipping fees,” says Reanna Smith-Hamblin, from the Better Business Bureau.

Reanna Smith-Hamblin with the Better Business Burea says it appears the scam is originating from an automated dialing system that can place thousands of calls a day. Smith-Hamblin advises anyone getting such calls to immediately hang up the phone.

She also says that if you have question about the legitimacy of a company you are considering doing business with, ask a representative for the company's physical address. Smith-Hamblin says if the representative refuses to give out an address, it's most likely a scam.