Senate Committee Approves Firearms Dealers Bill

Frankfort, KY – A Senate Committee has approved a bill that would
ensure that firearms dealers can locate in any area where
other businesses are permitted. Senate Bill 95 says that
lawmakers intend for federally-licensed firearms dealers
or manufacturers to be able to locate anywhere that
other lawful businesses can locate.

Senator Katie Stine, a Republican from Ft. Thomas, says
a clarification is needed to keep local governments from
using zoning laws or regulations to keep firearms outlets
out of certain areas. Stine says the legislation would not
prevent a local government from keeping firearms dealers
out of a residential area--- if they banned all businesses
from the area.

Stine says the issue is the National Rifle Association's top
legislative issue in the General Assembly this year.

However, some city officials from Louisville are concerned
about the impact the legislation could have. Ron Wolf of
Louisville Metro Government says, "We don't think gun
dealerships and gun stores belong in residential areas."
Wolf warns that some local governments would be
opening the door for gun dealers in some residential
areas if a business like a golf course or country club
were allowed to locate in a given area.

After winning Committee approval, the bill now goes to
the full Senate for consideration.