Senator McConnell Meets with Local Leaders Regarding Terrorism Trial

Bowling Green, KY – Senator Mitch McConnell says U-S Attorney General Eric Holder has the jurisdiction to hold the trial for two Iraqi terror suspects in Bowling Green. But the Senate Minority leader says "Its not a matter of whether he can do that. Its a matter of whether he SHOULD do that."

Warren County Judge Executive Mike Buchanon says local leaders have not been included in discussions with the Justice Department, and they want more information about possible security concerns and costs that could be associated with a terrorism trial.

U-S Attorney for the Western District of Kentucky David J. Hale this afternoon said he has "every confidence in the ability of the U-S Marshal, the FBI, and state and local law enforcement to ensure that this prosecution proceeds safely, securely, and fairly."

McConnell argues that the two men arrested in Bowling Green were allegedly involved in planning and supporting attacks against U-S soldiers in Iraq, and should be considered "enemy combatants."