Senator McConnell Says its Too Early to Determine Kentucky Impact from Re-deployment

Bowling Green, KY – U-S Senator Mitch McConnell says its too early to predict
how Kentucky's military installations could be impacted
by the Administration's plan to re-deploy troops. Speaking
at the Noon Rotary Club in Bowling Green, the Republican
from Louisville stressed that the move is prompted by the
changing nature of modern conflicts.

Mc Connell says the War on Terror increases the need for
troops who can deploy quickly to "trouble spots" around
the world. He said its clear that some people in Germany
will not be happy, because of the impact large troop
numbers have on that country's economy.

Kentucky's Senior U-S Senator says Fort Campbell's
mission is directly related to the War on Terror. He also
indicated that he would like to eventually see more missions
assigned to Fort Knox.