State Education Board Delays Decision

Frankfort, KY – The Kentucky state board of education Wednesday held off on a plan that would require all Kentucky public high school students to be competent in a foreign language by 2016.
The board also delayed a plan that included making high school studenys take a math class in each of their four years.
However, the board members opted to consider the plan again next month and possibly voye on it by February.
The foreign language proposal includes a provision that would have foreign languages being taught in elementary school. Educators proposed the idea after hearing from high school students around the state.
Currently, high school pupils only face a foreign language requirement in certain circumstances, such as if they plan on attending a state university.
Also, a board management committee urged the Kentucky High School Athletic Association to settle the debate over public versus private school competition on its own.
Board members told KHSAA officials they should hire a mediator if necessary.
The KHSAA is struggling over a proposal
that would separate public and private high schools during post-season athletic events.
The board says it expects the KHSAA to have reached an agreement by February first. If there is no resolution by then, the board says it would consider stepping in