Student Walkout In Hopkinsville

Hopkinsville, KY – Some students in Christian County are upset with a decision by the school superintendent, and they're letting him know about it.
More than 50 students walked out of Christian County High School last week to protest the decision to allow 17 students to graduate despite questions about their writing portfolios
The students walked to the school district's central office Friday but superintendent Bob Lovingood was out of town for a meeting at the time.
Senior Zach Ferguson says there's a chance the students will be punished but he says they think it's worth it to stand up for waht the consider the right thing to do
Ferguson presented the grievance to assistant superintendent Clyde Wallace.
The protest stems from a decision by Lovingood to overturn a site-based council decision. The school apparently had ruled that 17 students were not eligible to graduate because of their performance on state-mandated writing portfolios.
Some of the students didn't meet the school's required performance level, while others allegedly plagiarized.
Lovingood said the site-based council had set graduation standards that are not legal. He says the school board is responsible for setting graduation requirements, not the high school.